The world is sound

From the vast no-thing-ness of unformed consciousness, a spark pulses a simple frequency into vibration. This frequency provides the foundation for the creation of the entire universe. As the wave builds, the harmonics are activated exponentially; the wave increases in density and becomes formed consciousness. The complex combinations of frequencies unite to become the Music of the Spheres. Entire universes are created, each an expression of the glorious Divine Symphony.  Each individual is a Song of God. 

This first pulse is called “Nada Brahma” in Sanskrit. It is the beginning of each creation, for no matter what is being created, there is a “first pulse”. It is possible to connect with that vibration, to become one with it and to work consciously with the pulse as it emerges from the void, before it becomes Word. 

This is at the heart of all of my offerings. Explore these pages and learn about the nature of sound, consciousness, harmonic alignment, the power of the voice, healing and harmony. Discover the secrets of creation that are held in the mystery of the Sacred Harmonics. Learn practical applications of using sound to harmonize daily life. Find your Soul Song and attune your journey to your soul’s fundamental tone.

"It's not enough anymore for us to hold the frequencies of love and light in our hearts; we need to bring them into action in the world."

Judith Kahealani Lynne