SOUND SANGHA:  Join our community of sounders. We meet at the new and full moons via tele-conference. Participate from anywhere on the planet and give birth to the New Earth.

SPECIAL MEDITATIONS & WORKSHOPS: (TBA – sign up for monthly newsletter)

Join us at New Renaissance Bookshop in Portland, OR on the first Sunday of each month at 5:00 pm . We’ll begin with Vocal Energetics exercises followed by toning in Sacred Sound. Call the bookshop @ 503-224-4929 to register.

PRIVATE HEALING SESSIONS: These sessions are extremely helpful when someone is going through a huge life shift, a healing crisis, a spiritual growth period or to explore simple questions about the next steps to take on the life journey. Judith Lynne communicates with the Council of Light, the Archangels, and guides from various realms who are assisting us in this evolutionary time of rapid growth. 

SOUNDING FOR SPACES: Judith Lynne will clear and harmonize your home, office or property.  Moving into a new home? Need to reestablish harmony in your work place? Beginning a new project? Harmonic Healing will tune your space so that it supports the manifestation of your optimum work and life.

HARMONICS FOR SURGERY & TRANSITIONS: Souls incarnate on a stream of harmonics. Judith Lynne activates and balances these frequencies to support rapid recovery for surgical patients and to facilitate a grace-filled transition for those who are preparing to pass.  

VOICE DEVELOPMENT & MENTORSHIP PROGRAM: ask Judith Lynne for information.